Indoor - Beach Hybrid
Volleyball Program

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Come for one of our training camps, a college recruiting showcase or enroll as a full-time student in our fully accredited K-12 Boarding School and play volleyball everyday.

Our Volleyball MissionWe provide athletes between the ages of 10-18 years old with high-level technical skills training and tactical instruction in a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth along with inspiring a love for the game. RPS Volleyball is specifically designed to prepare athletes to take their game to the next level; whether it be at the collegiate or professional level. We believe that as an athlete, sports are an important aspect of life and often open other doors for future opportunities.

A Proven Track RecordWe have had tremendous success in signing athletes with NCAA sand programs such as South Carolina, TCU, Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University, Florida State University, Tulane University, and Webber International University. Find out more about our College Placement Program and see how we can help you get into the school of your dreams.

Volleyball College Placements

Let Us Help You Get into College – Enroll Today We have a track record of helping players of all ages reach their potential by using their volleyball skills to help them earn scholarship and entrance into colleges around the country. You can enroll at the academy on a full-time or weekly basis, or even join our Indoor Club Team. We offer Beach and Beach-Indoor Hybrid programs with boarding or non-boarding options year-round. Let us help you get into college.

Take a look at some of the players we’ve placed on our College Volleyball Alumni page.

The Advantages:

  • We are the ONLY Hybrid Indoor AND Beach Volleyball Academy in the Nation
  • Coaches are tour champions & legends of the sport dedicated to developing champions
  • We help student establish well defined goals to keep focus and motivation levels high
  • Provide tournament consulting and scheduling to develop a competitve plan for each of our full-time students
  • Use the AVP, AAU and Rox competitive platform to develop our student-athletes
  • Host a variety of “College Ready” camps & clinics to get players ready for the next level
  • Offer students physical training, mental performance, and nutritional guidance as part of their training curriculum
  • 9 top-of-the-line Olympic sand courts
  • Offer a comprehensive College Placement program (additional cost)
  • Video analysis for college recruiting purposes
  • Blended programs of 2-3 hours indoor and 4-5 hours outdoor (depending on the package you select)
  • Annual competitions like the World Junior Championship “Global Challenge”
Our unique hybrid-program is the only program that combines both beach and indoor volleyball training in a full-time boarding school environment.

Training MethodOur elite junior volleyball program has two unique training sessions, one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning session includes two hours of technique and skill development. The focus of the afternoon session is team development and game strategy. The students will have one hour of conditioning and weight training every day. Our method of two training sessions per day allows the student to assimilate the instruction effectively.

In addition to the junior volleyball program, athletes will be given the chance to train with the best players and to engage in match-play, conditioning, mental training, video analysis and how best to compete for that college scholarship.

Five Principles of Development:

  • Skill Development
  • Strategic Comprehension
  • Mental Awareness
  • Athletic Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning
Monday - Friday
9:30–11:30amSport Training – Drilling and General Development
3:00–4:30pmSport Training – Competitive Play
9:45pmHead Count
10:30pmLights out


7:00 – 7:45amBREAKFAST
8:00–10:00amSport Training – Competitive Play
10:00 – 11:00pmFitness
12:00 – 1:00pmLUNCH
1:30pmAfternoon Activity
4:00 – 6:00pmSchool (If behind)
6:00 – 7:00pmDINNER
7:00 – 9:00pmSchool (If behind)
9:45pmHead Count
10:30pmLights out

***Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.  Scheduled and Supervised Activities
***Schedules may vary week-to-week based on group assignment, weather, etc.
***Mental Sessions Weekly

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