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We're an internationally-renowned soccer academy committed to delivering the best personalized soccer development and training. Students can enroll on a full-time (year-round) or weekly basis and can choose boarding or our non-boarding option. Our boarding school provides a learning community that ensures students get the education support they need. On the pitch, our athletes learn from the best developmental coaches in the world, training and competing daily with a singular focus - to be the best.

We focus on rigorous competition, conditioning, mental training, nutritional guidance, video analysis, and many other player development processes. Students here adopt a professional training schedule and lifestyle, with the objective of reaching our professional Rush teams or the top American collegiate levels.

Academy at a Glance

  • Fully-accredited program for serious soccer players
  • World-class soccer coaches
  • Proven formula for elite athletic performance
  • Integrated accredited honors school
  • Full-time training with boarding & non-boarding options
  • College Prep Program
  • 100% track record of college scholarships
  • Enroll on a full-time or weekly basis
  • Programs available every week of the year
  • Located in Port St. Lucie, FL

World-Class Soccer Training

Are you ready to bring out the champion within? RPS Soccer uses one of the most customized developmental youth soccer training programs in the industry. Our high-performance soccer academy focuses on optimizing the physical and mental performance of each student. 

PeriodizationWe use a periodized approach to help our athletes deal with the daily rigors of training in Florida's heat and humidity. Our proven methodology uses the individual player's goals and divides the program into distinct periods - improvements are made step-by-step, one month at a time, one year at a time. This method enables students make the greatest advancements in the shortest amount of time while having fun, preventing injuries and staying mentally and physically fresh.

Rush Premier Sports Soccer Academy
Rush Select Academy Soccer Training

PerformanceAt RPS Soccer, we promise that you will get fit! Our performance coaches are dedicated to helping to prepare you mentally, physically and nutritionally to compete at peak performance. Our comprehensive training approach is based on proven scientific principles that promote long term athletic development using an objective based plan that ensures continuous individual growth and success on the pitch.

Training Facilities

  • Four International regulation sized natural turf fields (Celebration Bermuda Turf)
  • Artificial turf training area
  • Fully-equipped weight room with Olympic training station, free weights, and a full line of Life Fitness treadmills, stationary bikes (recumbent and upright), spin bikes, and elliptical machines
Rush Select Academy Soccer Training

I’ve coached at every level, but what's exciting about our full-time program is seeing the growth on a day-to-day basis. Our goal is to develop an athlete for 5 years and move them on to college or professional soccer.

Tom Durkin
Director of Soccer

On-Campus Boarding School

We create champions on the field and in the classroom! Our blended approach ensures our student-athletes receive an excellent education, have the opportunity to attend some of the finest colleges and universities in the United States, and become life-long learners with a keen interest in high achievement.

Rigorous AcademicsOur on-site school provides a highly-regimented in-class delivery program with low teacher-to-student ratios. Utilizing an individualized and blended approach, curriculums are customized to provide students the academic springboard for our on-site academic coaches to teach, facilitate, and monitor.

Students have access to a variety of college prep courses including Honors and Advance Placement (AP) classes. We also offer various programs that can be worked into a student’s core curriculum that can be highlighted during college and professional recruitment. Language, computer science, engineering, and math are just a few existing programs.

College Placement Program

We have a 100% College Placement Rate!

Our College Placement Program guides students through the entire college selection and recruiting. We have over 20 years of recruiting expertise and have placed close to 2,000 students! We increase the chances of finding the perfect school by exposing our student-athletes to a carefully cultivated network of college coaches - a network we've spent over two decades building relationships and trust with.

The chances of being successfully recruited is dramatically improved by having a more knowledgeable student and parent, so we spend a lot of time working with parents and our athletes to ensure that every RPS Soccer Academy graduate has the best opportunity to be exposed to and find their dream school.

The college enrollment process can be overwhelming, this is an optional/add-on program, but if you're serious about the college placement process, we're ready to assist!

Rush Premier Sports College Placements
POST GRAD PROGRAMOur Post-Grad Program gives athletes the extra time to be read for the next level. The program builds graduates into fierce competitors through our mental, technical and physical performance programs. Having a full day to train, and extra time for college prep can be an ideal way to get ready for collegiate volleyball.

Success Stories

Tesho Kobiashi Soccer Player Temple University

Tesho Kobiashi
Temple University

Looking back as a college sophomore, I have fond memories of the 3 years I spent with the Academy as part of the residency program.

Arriving from Japan as an international student with limited English language capability, the immersion in school and sports allowed me to focus on my long-term goal - a Division I scholarship. Don’t get me wrong a made a lot of sacrifices being away from my family, friends, and familiar culture, but the academy staff helped me to adapt quickly. I felt welcomed, I learned about a new culture, and made new friends from all walks of life.

In short, school wasn’t my favorite thing, but the teachers and staff stayed with me and pushed me to excel in the college prep courses and improve my English. On the field, my coaches and teammates were amazing for us, it was like a soccer university and laboratory. We were learning and practicing twice a day and we experimented every weekend on match days.

The coaching staff is the best I have encountered and prepares you with specialists in every aspect of the game.

In addition, they provided lots of exposure for us to college and pro coaches and that is how I landed here at Temple University. These experiences prepared me for college and beyond and if you have the chance to attend, I wish you the same success and experience.

Got Questions?

If accepted to the program, you can join the RPS Soccer on a full-time boarding or non-boarding basis. The difference between these two formats is that boarding students live in the dorms at the Sandpiper Bay Resort at our facility. Non-boarding students spend the entire day at the facility but once academics and sports are over for the day they return to their off-campus homes.

Alternatively, plenty of student-athletes from all over the world participate in the program on a short-term basis, coming to train with us and experience the academy life generally for 1-3 weeks at a time.

Groups and teams are also frequently received with the objective of experiencing this academy life and compete against some of our teams.

RPS Soccer recruits players from Rush and non-Rush clubs from around the world. Interested candidates are evaluated as far as their soccer level through video and/or personally when possible. Very frequently interested candidates fly to the academy for short term stays of a week to try out for our teams.

Academic records are also evaluated as part of this process.

The academy life is exciting every day, yet long and demanding. Our student-athletes wake up early around 6 AM to prepare themselves for training and academics. They generally eat breakfast at 7 AM and at 8 - 8:30 AM walk to the fields for a morning training session, complemented by a second session for fitness at the gym or on the field (in recovery days this can be replaced for a class of Mental Conditioning, Nutrition, or Video Analysis).

By 9:45 AM the student-athletes are showering and getting ready to attend school, which runs in two blocks of two hours, from 10 AM - 12 PM and 1 PM - 3 PM, leaving a one hour break in the middle for the students to have lunch.

Once school is over, the participants change again into their training gear to go for a second training sessions at 3:30 PM on the field.

At 5 PM their day concludes, leaving an hour for them to shower and relax before dinner at the resort restaurant.

Two days a week the student-athletes attend a third shift of academics at the school.

Rush Soccer is the largest youth soccer club in the world with over 100 clubs in all six continents of the world and a strong core in the United States, in which it is represented in more than 140 communities of the country.

The RPS Soccer Academy is the pinnacle of its player development pathway, serving as the residential academy in which the club places its top talent from all over the world, with the intention of developing it to then place those players in the club's professional teams or in the top tiers of the US college system.

The RPS Soccer Academy is a unique, top level sporting program with many benefits and differences from all other academies, such as:

  • The Rush Soccer Factor: The academy is built over Rush Soccer, the largest youth soccer club in the world as its pinnacle of soccer development.
  • Own Professional Pathway: The RPS Soccer Academy is the only non-MLS academy that possesses and can place players its own professional teams.
  • 100% College Placement: College Placement for our student-athletes is sustained at 100%. We make a big emphasis on this. By the conclusion of their senior year, all of our participants have historically received at least one offer from a college.
  • Safety: All of the facilities utilized (dorms, restaurant, soccer fields, gym, etc.) are located within the Sandpiper Bay Resort, so our students live in a safe and guarded gated community, bringing peace of mind to their families.
  • Multisport 'Olympic Villa' Environment: The RPS Soccer Academy is one of four academies that operate within the Sandpiper Bay Resort (Tennis, Golf, and Volleyball are the others), which creates a high performing, enjoyable, and multi-discipline environment that resembles an 'Olympic villa'.
  • Holistic Approach: Elevating the provision of services through Rush Soccer's technical department, the program is supported and completed with unique team of professionals that assist our student-athletes in matters of Video Analysis, Nutrition, and Sports Psychology, among others.

As mentioned, college placement success is at the core of the academy. Through Rush Soccer, RPS Soccer gives access and support to our student-athletes in all college placement matters. Take full advantage of Rush's CAP program, which guides and accompanies participants through their college application process, usually during their junior year. This ensures that they maximize the possibilities of accessing the best college their sporting, academic, and financial capacity allows them to.

Total tuition costs $67,000 USD per academic year (286 days) for full time boarding students and $40,000 USD for full time non-boarding students. Partial scholarships are only available based on sporting and academic merit.
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