Creating complete athletes

Building Future Collegiate Player and Professionals 

RPS Volleyball’s mission is to provide athletes between the ages of 10-18 years old with high-level technical skills training and tactical instruction in a positive learning environment that fosters personal growth along with inspiring a love for the game. RPS is specifically designed to prepare athletes to take their game to the next level; whether it be at the collegiate level or professional. While keeping in mind as an athlete, sports are an important aspect of life and may open other doors for future opportunities. 

Soccer camp and
weekly programs

The Rush Select Academy is the capstone of Rush Soccer’s player pathway. As part of the largest soccer club in the world with over 50,000 players distributed in over 120 clubs in all continents of the globe, Rush Soccer recruits its top talent directly into this state of the art all inclusive facility and international academy in which its student athletes are prepared for both academic and sporting success. 

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Technic Development Session

Our morning session prioritizes technique refinement and quality repetitions, providing players with the foundational skills necessary for success on the court. Under the guidance of our experienced coaches, participants will focus on mastering various strokes, footwork patterns, and strategic positioning, ensuring a solid understanding of fundamental pickleball principles.

Tactical Competitive Session

In the afternoon session, our program shifts its focus to competition and game analysis, offering players the opportunity to apply their newfound skills in a dynamic, competitive environment. Through a series of structured drills, simulated match scenarios, and real-time game analysis, participants will enhance their decision-making abilities, strategic thinking, and overall court awareness. Our coaches will provide valuable feedback and insights to help players identify strengths, areas for improvement, and effective strategies for success in competitive play.




High-performance pickleball training focuses on sharpening advanced techniques such as precise shots, strategic positioning, effective footwork, and tactical game play. Players develop the skills needed to compete at a higher level and adapt to various opponents and game situations.


Pickleball requires a combination of agility, speed, endurance, and strength. High-performance training programs are designed to improve players’ physical conditioning, including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and agility. This enhances overall performance on the court and reduces the risk of injuries.more. 


We provide tournament consulting and scheduling to develop a competitive plan for each of our full-time students. 


Athletes focusing on indoor volleyball are able to join one of the club teams (U14-U18) and participate in some of the biggest indoor events in the country. 


The method is based on the four parts that determine the potential of an athlete: the technical, physical, mental and strategic spheres. These spheres grow together and their relationships with each other are vital and almost infinite.













Our systematic approach includes all of the fundamental components for peak performance including endurance, strength, power, speed, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility, and nutrition.


Special rates  and benefits for group reservations


Develop strenght, speed, coordination and agility with the RPS Tennis specific conditioning program


Our full-time volleyball program offers two types of training for all athletes. Choosing a beach only program the players will participate in two beach volleyball sessions a day. For those who would like to still participate in indoor activities, a “hybrid program” will be a great fit. That option consists of one indoor volleyball session and one beach volleyball session per day. If you are still not, sure which sport you would like to pursue in college the hybrid program will help you to make a decision. 

In addition to volleyball academy training, junior volleyball players will be given the chance to train with the best players and to engage in match-play, Strength & Conditioning, mental training, video analysis and player analysis as well as nutrition sessions.

Club is the competitive platform for indoor players to be seen by college coaches. Competitions consist of USAV and/or AAU tournaments from December-May.

Rush Premier Sports have perfected a method of planning and mapping the most important years for recruitment of each student-athlete individually. We will work one-on-one with the student to create a personalized plan that fits their needs and is helpful to have the highest success of recruitment.

The recruiting process consists of 9 steps that all players follow:

  1. Set your level of expectations 
  2. Research schools and setup target list
  3. Create a highlight video 
  4. Send personalized email to coaches
  5. Attend event where coaches are present 
  6. Update results, events, videos
  7. Schedule calls
  8. Visit schools
  9. Get an offer

Fall: competition will consist of 2 beach tournaments a month. 

Spring: competition will be determined by the program chosen between hybrid or beach. Beach players will continue with 2 tournaments a month and hybrid players will mix between 2 indoor and beach tournaments each month

Each day of the week is focused on a specific skill set:
Monday: Passing and serving 

Tuesday: Setting and Hitting 

Wednesday: Defense and Blocking 

Thursday: Strategy and Review 

Friday: Game situations