Making Champions
in Sport and in Life.

Our staff has been a part of developing 11 World #1s and 27 top 10s. We have a proven methodology for developing champions, in soccer, volleyball, golf and tennis. Students come here for a singular reason - to be the absolute best.

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The Non-Academy Academy

At one end, mega-academies thrive with fancy marketing, producing athletes with factory-like efficiency using a cookie-cutter approach. At the other end, at a boutique like RPS, real coaches put in the hard work - they teach, they train and, in the end, they turn highly-motivated athletes with promise, into champions.

There's no "Court 32" or "Field 13" here. We're smaller by design. Not only does every coach know every athlete by name, they know every aspect of their game, and most importantly, they know the development plan. We're not for everyone. We're old school. We demand much of our players and even more of ourselves.

But if your goal is the pursuit of excellence, then there's no better place to become a champion. We know because we wrote the book.

Train Full-Time at the Academy

Athletes come to us with a dream, the dream to become a champion.

They learn to compete on the court and in the classroom. We're smaller and more focused. We develop athletes and make champions, one at a time, using our proven coaching methodologies and a highly personalized plan. It's a big reason that our professional and college placement results are some of the best anywhere.

Student-athletes can choose our boarding option, where they live and train full-time at the academy or our non-boarding option, where they train full-time and go to school but live off campus.

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Weekly Training & Sports Camps

We offer training blocks, 52 weeks of the year! Work with us over the Summer, holidays or during a school break. Players often train with us prior to major competitions or just to try out the academy to decide if it's right for them.

Regardless of when you come, we offer a fully integrated training environment. You'll train alongside our full-time athletes. After an initial coaching evaluation, you'll be assigned to a group of players of similar level and age - maximizing improvement (and fun)!

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Top College & University Placement

Since 2010, 100% of students have received an athletic and/or academic scholarship.

Rush Premier Sports College Placements
Rush Premier Sports College Placements

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